Sunday, October 31, 2004

Who Are We?

The Chronicle has an article on the community college's identity crisis.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger jocalo said...

Thanks for that link, clc. The transcript of the colloquy that followed publication is better than the article.

I am beyond bored with the so-called "identity crisis" claim, which is quite old and beside the point. The reporter's account of vocational programs being added in the 70s and 80s is also misleading. Voc programs developed widely right after WWII and the merging of the transfer, vocational, and remedial functions was occurring by the mid-60s when I started teaching.

The shift from "junior" to "community" provided the conceptual integration the institution needed and that occurred in the 1970s. There's nothing fuzzy about "community"--the colleges build programs responsive to their community and in ways that contribute to the quality of community.

Palinchak is one of many of the commentators on the colleges that takes old dichotomies (as though academic and professional are at odds) and then claims community colleges are confused because we do both. The fact is we do both well. We have developed sophisticated systems for monitoring the local economy for new needs and then creating or modifying programs to meet them.

The main criticism that comes from universities boils down to: "Hey, you guys aren't a university." Most of the critique takes assumptions about selectivity in universities, applies them to community colleges and says "See, you have people we don't have--how can you be serious?" In my view, it's a vacant and stupid criticism. CCs should be critiqued in terms of their central animating spirit: "community". Let the university study the universe. We'll create learning communities, we'll provide students with skills they can apply to work or to study, and we'll do it very well. And when we don't, criticize us on those terms.

OK, I'll step off the soapbox--at least for a moment.

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At 2:46 AM, Anonymous R. Palinchak said...

Community colleges do not have a clear identity and their characteristics vary more with size and geographical location than anything else.

It's fair to say they are NOT two year anymore, they are not just for young folks anymore, they are not destined to serve freshmen or sophomores, they have replaced the high schools as a main provider of literacy and job training, their students and faculty often share nontraditional characteristics, and they are becoming social service agencies that provide multiple services with educational resources.

They are no longer viewed primarily as the first two years of a four-year college program, some offer baccalaureate degrees, the mission of many is economic development, and many of their courses and studies overlap with the high schools that they hace recently replaced as the characteristic educational imstitution of the United States.

Many started with voctional programs while most started with transfer studies as their main mission. Many also started as upward extensions of the high schools while others were downward extensions of large public universities. Some started in their own right somewhere between the secondary schools and the senior colleges with comprehensive missions.

Very little of this applies anymore as community colleges continue to evolve sharply from their earlier days. They have multiple missions that vary with time and geographic location; they no longer are what they once were.

It may not be a crisis of identity but it could be one of mistaken identity unless you look deeper into what they were and what they are becoming. They continually evolve!


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