Monday, October 10, 2005

About Rebuilding Louisiana: Calling All Creatives

This post has little to do with community college English, except as an example of the path that ideas now traverse across the disciplines.

A blog friend of mine, Kimberly McKittrick, an architect on the West Coast, has been blogging about efforts to rebuild NOLA. Yesterday, she happened to read an editorial written by her father, a Houston-based architect, on specific things happening and needing to happen in order to rebuild. Specifically, Mr. McKittrick discusses charettes , or community groups convened to give input on the rebuilding efforts. It appears that the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Louisiana has expanded the notion of the charetteto include anyone with any ideas expressed in any form. "A Call for Odes and Ideas, Proposals and Strategies, and Everything in Between," is exactly that: a chance for anyone to offer suggestions in any any medium she wishes.

According to the official blogsite Rebuild@Louisiana:

The goal of this competition is to project strategies and ideas to ease the distress of the evacuees, aid the rescuers and relief workers and preserve, rebuild, redesign and re-imagine and protect the post-Katrina/Rita environment of the Gulf Coast.

So the charette moves beyond a local sphere and embraces input from people outside the usual groups associated with urban planning and relief. And in rebuilding the city, these architects and designers hope to rebuild the hearts as well as the homes of the people who live there.

I'm passing the link on to my colleagues in graphic design and am thinking about turning it into an assignment for my developmental reading students as we move towards starting to blog. Who know what will come of the Call? Let's see.


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At 11:04 PM, Blogger Cash2flow said...

I would like to thank you for caring. Just knowing that people are actively seeking solutions to the problems down here is encouraging.
The people here are great, and are doing the best they can with resources mostly being witheld-but its time for new energy to be applied to the situation for the betterment of all.
Thanks again.


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