Wednesday, June 22, 2005

John Lovas

John Lovas, known here as jocalo, passed away yesterday of cancer.

Doug Hesse,Chair of CCCC, wrote the letter below to the WPA-list. Note that he gives the web address for the tribute blog. I would encourage you to post there rather than here, so that the Lovas family can be comforted, in some small way, by our words.

As did many others, I received the sad news this morning that John Lovas, recent
chair of CCCC, passed away June 21, 2005. He was 65. It was cancer. Only within
the past month had John learned his diagnosis, and he wanted no wide stir made.
For the hundreds of us who knew him personally, it's scarcely comprehensible that
this tall, energetic man, his white shock of hair beaconing his gregarious
personality, could have fallen so swiftly. He was a champion of two year colleges
and, more importantly, their students--and writers everywhere. He worked for the
rights of students to express even unpopular ideas, part of his larger concerns
for free expression in a democratic society, especially one that would
patriotically limit individual freedoms. His chair's address, in Chicago, in
2002, was a deft weaving of autobiography, image, and idea, demonstrating both
pride in his personal past and visions of a multimedia-ed future for composition.
As newly-elected assistant chair, I benefited from his caring and wisdom. His
colleagues at DeAnza college are building a festschrift in John's honor. Written
tributes are welcome at and the
site contains instructions for posting. There are already many eloquent postings
there, and those of you who didn't know John well can glimmer some sense of the

Doug Hesse
CCCC Chair


Joanna Howard


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