Monday, March 14, 2005

San Francisco, the Cow Palace and the Pollen

The flight from Philly was calm, and I managed to grade two sets of papers before I dropped three sets of papers in the aisle somewhere over Michigan. Retrieved them with no damage done to the papers or my seatmates. Read the in-flight magazine in English and Spanish, read ALL of the Georgetown Alumni magazine and was annoyed for the second time this week by Georgetown (not including basketball) or Georgetown-related topics. Okay, the magazine had an article about GU alumni who have gone into teaching because of the fantastic education they received at GU. I may be misreading things --may and better be about alums from the college and not people with grad degrees. If not, I want them to have an article about those of us who went into Community College teaching. My other peeve is really with the Washington Post for publishing an article on blogging in academe and not featuring any of the MANY community colleges in the area--just the universities, of which my alma mater was one. Emails will be sent.

Now, about SF. I hailed a cab driven by a cabdriver who must have trained in Boston and the Indy 500. We sped past the Cow Palace exit among others (and Jocalo, just what is a "Cow Palace" ?)and arrived 35 dollars later at the hotel, where Captain Nemo was nowhere to be found.

Spent the morning working on my presentation and then felt so headachy that I cancelled a visit with a friend who teaches at the City College (home of the Diego Rivera mural). Her husband mentioned that the pollen is very high right now, and I concur, so bring your allergy meds with you. Had breakfast with another lodger-instructor named April who will be presenting on Friday, and with a very kind woman who worked in Computer Science in Wisconsin and who taught me how to use a MAC laptop. Finally, met the elderly Captain N, gracious but more interested in napping, or so he said in a fine Siamese accent.

It was a beautiful day here, despite the pollen, and a perfect day for wandering around getting reacquainted with the city.



At 1:23 AM, Blogger jocalo said...

Well, in the olden days, I'm told, the Cow Palace actually hosted cattle auctions and the like. I think they still do rodeos there. It has been used for basketball games and hockey games on a temporary basis.

And my big experience there was accompanying my then 12 year old son to a Prince concert. I was not prepared for the sound levels and my left ear still has a ringing (tintinitus) from that evening. It was a great concert, Prince and Sheila E and some really funky saxophones. But I paid for it--I'm still paying for it.

And, yes, everything is blooming here. All that rain the past month, followed by over a week of sun, and temps in high 80s last Thursday has everything blossoming. I mowed the back lawn yesterday and was laid low as a result.

Right now, the weather is looking very good. In the city this evening, air temperature was 64 at 8 p.m.

See y'all there in a couple days.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Scott Rogers said...

I'll be out there later today (Tuesday), and then the blogging workshop Wednesday and the blogging SIG on Friday (?).


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