Monday, January 17, 2005

Reading and Blogging

This semester I'll be teaching the second level of developmental reading and have been casting about looking for ways to use blogging in the course. Unlike my writing classes, RD 099 will meet in a traditional classroom, so if I want to use the internet, I'll have to schedule time in the lab or assign blogging to be done outside of class.

I'm eager to use a blog with this course for several reasons--one being that RD 099 is a three-hour course that meets on Tuesday and Thursday. I want to have activities that can be done on that long stretch between Thursday and Tuesday. Also, the class meets for an hour and 15 minutes each time, so there is not as much time as I'd to have in class for activities that reinforce reading and writing. The informality of the medium is the last reason why I'm eager to get my class on board. I want them to be talking about what they've read and what their ideas are without worrying about grammar and mechanics to the point of getting nothing written.

The only concern I have is that they might be nervous about writing something that everyone on the internet could read. Maybe that will encourage them to think about how they phrase things before they write their ideas down. On the other hand, we can always delete entries and responses, so maybe I'm overworrying (won't be the first time!)

The first time we blog, we'll be together in the lab. There after, the blogging will be done out of class, but will be used in class discussions and referred to often enough that it doesn't seem like an entity in outer space.

Next week, I'll blog some more about the books we're reading and how I'll be blogging with this class. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.


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