Friday, September 17, 2004

Two-Year College English

We've named this blog Community College English, a term I prefer. But our profession has named the national organization Two-Year College English Association (TYCA). TYCA has six regional associations which each offer conferences for community college faculty. We'll try to call attention to those occasions for meeting colleagues face to face. Meantime, we hope you'll drop in here with your thoughts, ideas and experiences as a community college professor--or someone interested in the profession.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger clc said...

When I had my little one-week graduate school training before entering the classroom, I remember the Director of Freshman English suggesting we not use red because it looked like "blood on the page". He went on to explain that the real issue was that so many students would come to us with negative schooling/writing experiences symbolized by the red-pen-wielding English teacher. It made sense to me to do something different, so I first used pencil, which was great because I was unsure of myself and could erase. After I gained more confidence, I started using purple because I like it.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Rosa G. said...

I use purple, too! When I'm organized. Usually, I try to find something that will contrast with their writing or typing--and still be readable (no orange or hot pink). Sometimes I do use red if I can't find anything else. My students seem to have survived it.

Actually, I explain ink choices (theirs and mine) in terms of readability. Now that I'm ensconsed in middle age, I need dark ink on the white page--theirs or mine.

Also--being lefthanded, I have to find pens that don't bleed unless I want to have the telltale stripe on my hand and their drafts!

At 4:12 PM, Blogger clc said...

Oops! I posted on the wrong post! And now, Rosa, you've continued it. Oh well.

The delays in this Blogger commenting function are a bit disconcerting...

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