Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking

If you live and teach in the Northeast or MidAtlantic area, you really ought to try at least one of the workshops offered by IWT. Unlike a traditional conference, where you listen to a twenty-minute presentation, the workshops at Bard are like mini-courses, where you spend the weekend with a small group of other instructors, learning by doing. The kinds of courses range from writing essays to poetry to teaching specific texts to using visual texts, narrative and on and on. Among the benefits I derived from my two visits to Bard was the opportunity to not only practice the technique, but to write reflectively at each juncture about the experience. Metacognition has become one of the staples of any writing course I teach. And I can't stress enough the value of the doing--by trying out the technique over and over again, you're able to work through many questions you might have about how to apply it to your own classroom.

I wish I could give you a link to a page with more information, but the webpage at Bard is rather sparse. Instead, here's the email for the program administrator, Judi Smith, who can send you one of their workshop brochures: jsmith@bard.edu.


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